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My name is Geneviève, I am 15 years old girl who obviously loves books a lot, like, a lot a lot. I mostly read young adult and non-fictionbooks (but I also like a bit of historical fiction).I don't how often I'm going to "blog" but, you know, it's nice to have a blog.

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The Fever: A Novel
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City of Fallen Angels
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oh mah gosh, I'm marathonning the Harry Potter series!! During the day, I reread the book and at 11pm or so I watch the matching film ( as I have nothing else to do with my time). I am absolutely loving it, I'm at the Goblet Of Fire, so far and it's amazing how many things you forget after like 6 months. But, I really really enjoy diving back into the series again, it's like reliving my childhood.

Important: I plan on buying a Harry Potter bookboxset, so I plan on giving away my other copies. Giving away or selling, I'm not quite sure, because they are in really really good condition. Anyway, kind of look out for this potential giveaway!